Plate 'n' Sheet Professional

Plate 'n' Sheet Professional 4.13

Virtually unfolds various commonly used shapes
Unfolds and performs various calculations for shapes that are currently used in the Insulation, Metals and Plastic industries. The tool takes into account various factors such as the thickness of the material, bending angle, pattern, etc. It includes automatic dimensioning abilities, area and mass calculations capabilities as well as cost approximations.

Plate 'n' Sheet Professional is an unfolding software for commonly used shapes used in the Metals, Plastics and Insulation Industries.
Stand-alone program. Does not require additional software.
Plate‘n’Sheet Professional requires a system capable of running Microsoft Windows (Windows 98SE, NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 32bit and 64bit) with a free USB Port for the Hardware Lock. If your PC has USB ports but all are being used, you could possibly use a USB HUB.

System Requirements:

Approximately 50 Mb of hard disk space is required to install and run Plate 'n' Sheet Professional.

The printer must have a driver that complies with the Microsoft standard for Windows compatible drivers.
Some older pen plotters and some “Multi-function” (Fax-Scanner-Copier-etc) are not supported.

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